Styled Shoot | 16th Street Train Station Behind the Scenes

Back in February, I put together a styled shoot at the abandoned 16th Street Train Station in Oakland, CA. It was featured on Swooned Magazine on Thursday (yay!). Check out their wonderful blog feature here. Today I'm sharing some inspiration behind the shoot. 

The Leading Man

I must’ve been binging on James Bond movies because my first inspiration was Daniel Craig jumping into a moving train and adjusting his cuff. Grooms are usually stereotyped as second-in-command cast members relative to their brides. What if we amped up the groom's portrayal and made them equally strong and independent partners? To pull this off, I needed the guy to embody equal parts charm, polish, and grit. Before I knew it, my Pinterest board was covered with some timelessly sexy leading men—Paul Newman, Daniel Craig, David Beckham, and Steve McQueen.

The Leading Woman

In the latest Bond films, the leading woman is an equal to the man. She's independent, elegant, and confident. To complement this role, I wanted a dress that could serve double-duty as a wedding dress or black-tie-event evening gown. With the help of Amber at Kinsley James, we selected the Colmar dress from the Anne Barge Spring 2016 Black Label collection. This dress hit all the marks with its elegant front, sensual open back, and long sleeves. To create a second look for this shoot, we brought out the Cognac and its elaborate beaded bodice and plunging neckline. Combined with different hair and makeup, we created a contrasting—yet complementary—look for the bride. 

Behind the Scenes: Dress selection at Kinsley James

The Venue

In a personalized nod to the groom in this photoshoot, I thought about finding a race track to set the scene for his car—a classic 1984 Porsche. Whether it be Bond, Steve McQueen, or Paul Newman, cars are synonymous with many leading men who inspired the look for the groom. But then I stumbled on the 16th Street Train Station and saw an awesome opportunity to do a unconventional styled shoot at a historic landmark. Photos online showed warm golden hour light shining through the arched windows. This early 20th-century elegance was counterbalanced by the grit and graffiti throughout the venue. As soon as I saw the station, I thought, “Jason—he's the perfect photographer! He’d create magic here.” 

This wouldn't have been possible without the help of all the awesome vendors who pitched in. Liza did beautiful editorial-style hair and makeup (as evidenced in her smokey eye results). Jeanne had the idea to do black and white floral arrangements, and she delivered with the most elegant bridal bouquet. All the vendors nailed it when interpreting my vision for this shoot and I'm so happy with how everything turned out! And special thanks to our friends Guilherme and Shabnam for being great partners in making this a reality (it helps to have a cute romantic couple). 

Of course, what you see above are just the end result. There was a lot of hard work from everyone involved, so here are some behind-the-scenes photos that reveal bits of our journey. Be sure to check out Swooned’s feature as well as my gallery for the photos! I’m hoping one day I’ll get to do a full wedding here. It’s officially on my bucket list.