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The LGBTQ community is underrepresented in wedding industry media. Sources like Pinterest, wedding blogs, and Instagram provide inspiration for couples planning their wedding, but they predominantly feature straight couples. When I attended a wedding conference last year, one of the sessions focused on wedding etiquette and advertising towards LGBTQ couples. I wondered, “Why do we need to treat these weddings differently?”

Rhiannon and I met through my husband and have known each other the past year. She and her partner, Ashley, have been together for over 10 years. Now in their 30s, they’ve thought about tying the knot. They embraced the shoot, seeing it not only as a fun day together, but also as an opportunity to represent the LGBTQ community. When asked how she felt, Ashley said, “I saw the woman I met when were were in our late teens, and the butterflies of young love overwhelmed me. It’s wonderful and powerful to be with someone throughout your transitional and ambitious 20s, and see your other-half meet and exceed their life and career goals by 30.”

Love transcends gender and orientation, and these photos provide a glimpse into that. But there’s still work to be done in shifting perceptions and attitudes towards LGBTQ relationships. “There’s been progress in featuring LGBTQ individuals across different media avenues, but it still generates discussion when you see a gay couple featured in a commercial. Our hope is that one day it doesn’t.”  

With tears of happiness and gratitude in their eyes, I could tell Rhiannon and Ashley were made for each other. But for the same reasons their relationship is unique, it also demonstrates what’s overlooked when people qualify their relationship with a label. “Often, same-sex couples are referred to as gay or lesbian couples, but we’re just couples.” People should recognize that love is love—regardless of gender and orientation.

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