Wedding Show Reflections

Coming from an engineering field, actively advertising and networking new to me when jumping into the wedding industry. Balancing cost and potential rewards is a challenge small businesses constantly face. Up until this year, I never thought about taking part in a wedding show. But the philosophy of The Big Fake Wedding made me take the leap.

Each vendor at The Big Fake Wedding has a small table to showcase their company. I made a long list of things I wanted to display (and buy...) and eventually had to force myself to cut the list in half. Aside from marketing material (new business cards, and business info), we had to think about things like freebees and giveaways, and general table décor!

As the day-of coordinator, I designed the sendoff for the couple based on the theme of the event. My ideas went from fountain fireworks to cable cars and pedicabs to confetti cannons. It's fun to think big until you think about budget. When I finally decided to throw flowers, this led me into the world of flowers. After selecting, trimming, and keeping alive over 160 flowers, this sendoff and it worked exactly as I had hoped. I love the resulting photos and video footage! What made it even better was that guests took the flowers home! My assistant and I were standing by to pick up all the beaten flowers, but there was no need! I guess they held up pretty well after being tossed around a few times! 

Love is the answer, and you know that for sure
Love is a flower, you got to let it grow.
— John Lennon

Photo credits (left to right, top to bottom): (1) Weddings by Sunnyside, (2) (3) (4) Kristine Tsai, (5) Weddings by Sunnyside, (6) Cameron Ingalls

When I signed up for The Big Fake Wedding, I thought preparations would not be as busy as my typical wedding day preparations. Of course I was wrong and it was equally busy. But instead of writing emails, finalizing timelines, and tweaking setup lists, I was sorting out floral orders, running to craft stores, and going on late night Target runs. It was almost like planning my own wedding again, but not. 

Fortunately, this was one wedding where I didn’t need to be in three places at once. Instead, I spent my time congratulating newly engaged couples, chatting with couples that were planning their wedding, and meeting moms, sisters, and best friends who were helping with wedding plans. I love hearing couples talk about their upcoming wedding and I love seeing happy couples looking forward to celebrating their marriage with friends and family. It makes all the craziness (for both the show and the wedding day) totally worth it.