I am a Southern California native who moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2013. I discovered my love for wedding planning after planning my own wedding.  

Here are a few fun facts about me:

  • My 5-year-old golden retriever looks like a puppy. 
  • I love hula hooping and own 10 hula hoops. 6 of which I made myself.
  • I met my husband during my freshman year at UC San Diego.
  • I have been quilting since 2009 and opened my own Etsy shop in 2013.
  • Before wedding planning, I spent 8 years as an engineer.
  • When I travel, I look for chocolate shops and fabric stores.
  • I have a soft spot for Broadway musicals.
  • I played piano for 12 years.
  • I love pie. The pizza variety and the sweet dessert variety.

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